Xu Jiao Who Plays Stephen in 'CJ7' is Actually a Girl

CJ7 has been aired in the Philippines via ABS-CBN for many times. Aside from its good story and the various lessons it implies, several viewers are captivated by the charm of the main character Xu Jiao who plays 'Stephen', the son of Steven Chow in the said movie.

For the information of Stephen's fans, Xu Jiao is actually a girl which actually majority of the viewers in the Philippines and even in China didn't knew it in the first place if nobody would tell the truth about her real identity.

Jiao  is a newcomer actress from China, who is most notable for her comedic performance in the film CJ7 on 2008. Despite being a girl, she played a boy in the film. She bagged Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer in 2009 for the said movie. She also portrayed the young Mulan in the movie Mulan on 2009 and various movies on the following years.

Below are the facts about Xu Jiao:

Date of Birth: 5 August, 1997
Place of Birth: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Origin: China

Occupation: Actress

Filmography as actress:


Want more proof? Here are some of Jiao's photos when she appeared in different movies:

Xu Jiao in CJ7

Xu Jiao in Future X-Cops

Xu Jiao in Mulan

Xu Jiao in Once Upon a Chinese Classic

Xu Jiao in Starry Starry Night

Xu Jiao in The Legend Is Born - Ip Man