4 Easy Steps in Applying CHED Scholarship

Scholarships are tricky things. Everyone wants one. Few people get them. Apparently, there are millions out there that go unused on an annual basis. Because scholarships differ from loans in that they are free money, they are coveted beautiful things. They are also brilliant resume boosters and look fantastic on any resume. (BookRags)

Now, there are so many types of scholarships, it helps to be abreast of the types, time ranges, amounts, and places to find them. Some high schools give away scholarships prior to attending college. Some scholarships are merit based, others need based, others interest based, other cultural based.

In the Philippines, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the agency that is responsible in the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and programs for the development and efficient operation of the higher education system in the country is still giving scholarship grants to those deserving and qualified students.

Here's the 4 Easy Steps in Applying CHED Scholorship:

1.Check whether you are qualified to a CHED scholarship.
2.If you are qualified, DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM.
3.Fill-up or Accomplish your application form.
4.Visit and Submit Accomplished Scholarship Application Form and other requirements (see CMO 29 s. 2009) to YOUR RESPECTIVE REGIONAL OFFICES.CMO 29, s.2009
5.Application Period, 1 March 2011  to 29 April 2011 .

Source: Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

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