Pakistan Terrorists to Find Out Your Sim Card Number and Make Use of It - A Hoax Message/Mail

Early this afternoon I've got a text message from a very close friend. The message goes like this:

"Forwarded message: IMPORTANT MSG: BE CAREFUL if anyone calls you saying he is from Mobile Co. & Asks you to type #09 or #90. PLEASE DON’T DO IT. JUST CUT THECALL.. B'coz this is an Attempt of Pakistan Terrorists to find out ur Sim card no. to attach ur phone line & make use of it. It is confirmed by NOKIA, MOTOROLA & can be verified from CNN website. Pls inform as many People as u can. It's a Serious Issue. At least Send it to Whom U Really Care."

I was quite scared but it wasn't make me fooled and give me a doubt rather. I searched the internet about it and try to open CNN's website to confirm the said to be a serious issue. After a hard search, I found out nothing about this news. I tried using different search engines but I found with the same result.

Confirmed! This was indeed a hoax mail/message doing the  rounds to fool the recipient.

But hey! This can actually happen because of the maximized use of our latest technology. This kinda a warning to us if you get a phone call from a stranger claiming to be from so-and-so company and ask our number and name and then instruct us to dial numbers like this-like that, without a second thought ignore it. Better prepared and advanced informed than never.
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