Andi Eigenmann Covers Circuit Magazine September 2012 Issue

Kapamilya young lady slash fine actress Andi Eigenmann is stunning and elegant without losing that youthful charm as she graces the cover of Circuit magazine's 'Style Issue" this September 2012.

Circuit Magazine is a free monthly eventzine (event magazine) published by Circuit Central Concept Inc. It serves as your event handbook to all the hottest gatherings and hippest destinations in and around the metro. 

For this month's issue of Circuit magazine, here's an excerpt of the Editor's note:

Generally speaking all our local retailers are prepping for the holiday collection this month. This is the season when the mode of fashion shifts to new style directions, color tones, and shapes. As a shopper in Manila, I can only anticipate with excitement as to what the display windows, mannequins, and clothes rack would slowly unveil, of course, this needs a lot of patience from me.

What I normally do to appease my waiting is to let go of everything and seek the advice of a stylist. Stylists in this modern era are called our guardians of style.  They are our perfect buddies during our retail therapy sessions and for sure we won’t go home regretting a single thing inside those shopping bags.

In this issue, we spent time with our guardians of style and discover what’s going on in their minds. Plus MJ’s Meet Pack Industry gives you more suggestions for online shopping sites. (Read: If you cant wait to sweep your cards and be ahead of everyone for the holiday look, then just go for it!) We’re also featuring two exciting people who break the stereotype model image in Nyko’s Living By The Sidelines.

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