Lake Bababu in Basilisa, Dinagat Islands Featured in GMA-7's Pinoy Adventures

In an episode of GMA-7's Pinoy Adventures tonight, July 8, 2012, Richard Gutierrez set foot on the pristine beach of Dinagat Islands and reached the unusual dive spot in the Caraga Region, the LAKE BABABU.

Situated between Puerto Princesa and Melgar in Basilisa, Dinagat Islands, Lake Bababu is a mountain lake that is a sight to behold. The steep vertical inclines add thrill to an avid adventurer like Richard Gutierrez. The lake has an Area of 5 hectares (12 acres) with surface elevation of 45 metres (148 ft) and is Tectonic in type.

Richard Gutierrez took on an exciting, thrilling, new adventure on PINOY ADVENTURES as he exerted his adrenaline rush exploring lush vegetation and diving beneath Lake Bababu:

Watch out the glimpse of the episode here:

This Sunday, Richard Gutierrez continues his first visit to Surigao and discovers a new world of adventure.
He sets foot on the pristine beach of Dinagat island, just one boat ride away from the city, to try his luck at a new adventure- freshwater diving. To reach the unusual dive spot, Richard treks to the peak of the mountain that cradles Lake Bababu, considered by the locals as a sacred place of healing.

From the peak, it's a treacherous downhill trek for Richard but this doesn't stop him from being awed by the majestic beauty of the forest and its winged creatures. He takes part in a curious tradition that involves drinking the lake water before descending into the darkness of the sinkhole lake.

As he submerges into the lake, Richard discovers a new thrill- swimming in dark water as he is carried by tides from the sea. But even in the depths of the mountain lake, he explores a new world filled with saltwater marine life, even pre-historic looking fishes. He also finds a halocline, an area where inland fresh water merges with seawater. This discovery leads him to an underwater cave that leads to the open sea.

After a grueling and fantastic underwater adventure, Richard finds himself in Surigao City once more for a much-deserved food trip.

 See more of Lake Bababu's lust vegetation below:

Top view of Lake Bababu

An eagle flying in the surroundings of Lake Bababu

A rare specie of Spider crawling on the Lake Bababu

A rare specie of a white juvenile Planthopper, roam around the shore of Lake Bababu

You can join Richard Gutierrez in a new adventure every Sunday on PINOY ADVENTURES, aired during GMA Sunday Grande, 8:30 PM after "I-Bilib".

Photo Credit: Mr. Bong Ong, "The Web Master"