Pilot Testing of the O.A.S. at PRC Iloilo

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) will be conducting the Pilot Testing of the OAS at the PRC Iloilo Office on April 16-17 under the leadership and supervision of the Hon. Jennifer Jardin-Manalili, Commissioner-In-Charge of the ICT or Information and Communication Technology at PRC. The OAS or the On-line Application System is a major program of the Commission in compliance with its commitment “to serve its clients on-line, and not in-line”. The Iloilo program is the fourth in a series of similar activities that shall install the system in the 10 regional offices and make it accessible to the Registrar’s Office of academic institutions with readiness and capability in maximizing the available facilities for Information Technology (IT) in their organization. Pilot Testing of OAS has already been done at PRC Baguio, PRC Cebu, and PRC Davao, and will be conducted at PRC Iloilo (April 16 and 17), PRC Cagayan De Oro (April 19 and 20), and PRC Legaspi (April 26 and 27). 

The program shall start at 8:30 AM on Monday, April 16, with a brief program, including an Orientation to the OAS and a Press Conference with the members of the media in Iloilo and Western Visayas. At least 10 School, College, and University Presidents with their Registrars and other school officials, two (2) TV stations, three (3) radio stations, and four (4) print media have been invited to witness the program. One college and four (4) universities have been requested to have 10 of their graduates available as potential participants in the actual pilot testing procedure. 

The second day of the program will include a visit to the University of San Agustin to test how the Registrar’s Office may have access and send an application of its graduates to PRC Iloilo on-line. The activity will repeatedly apply the procedure to identify its strengths, as well as the weaknesses as points for program enhancement, as the need arises. A formal assessment of OAS thru interviews and evaluation forms shall be made towards the end of the day. 

The progress of this program may be followed at the PRC website, www.prc.gov.ph or thru e-mail message sent to prc.iloilo@gmail.com.
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Source: PRC