Onemig Bondoc, Valerie and Armelle Cover Celebrity Living Magazine April 2012 Issue

Onemig Bondoc, Valerie and daughter Armelle welcome you to their modern Balinese mansion as they covers the April 2012 issue of Celebrity Living magazine.

For eager and curious celebrity followers, Celebrity Living is the magazine that connects with readers and fulfils their desire to peek into the personal spaces and lives behind the limelight of their favorite personalities. Celebrity Living contains insightful, intimate stories that showcase the homes and families, interests and advocacies of celebrities through well-written articles and visual story-telling.

The entertainment and home magazine for the Filipino mom brings everyone to a celebration of women who fearlessly put themselves forward to make a difference.

This month's issue of Celebrity Living magazine features 'Onemig Bondoc with Valerie and Armelle welcome you  to their modern Balinese mansion' as the cover story. Features inside include 50+ Picnic Recipes, Herb Garden Tips, Travel Guidelines, Terrain-Inspired Decorating Ideas, Daily activity guide that's both educational and entertaining for kids, The Best Sports for Kids with ADHD, Beach Body Inspiration, Look Your Summer Best and More Star Homes inside!

Be empowered and have a stronger and meaningful self this April with Celebrity Living. Grab a copy now!

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Photo Credit: Celebrity Living on Facebook