Experience FHM Bikini Heaven in Boracay this Summer!

It's time for you to book a flight to Boracay! FHM Bikini Heaven is is set to happen on March 2012 in the Epic Beachfront, Station 2 at 2nd Best Beach in the World 'Boracay'.

Rich Asuncion

Prepare your eyes for the sexiest Boracay invasion! FHM brings you an even hotter, more epic experience this second time around. Grab this ticket to party with perfectly sun-kissed women just because it's FHM's 12th year anniversary! Experience crazy sexiness to the nexr level!

The event is co-presented by San Mig Light in cooperation with SM Men's Fashion and Technomarin

Photo Credit: FHM Philippines (Facebook Page) 

PS: Watch the video on FHM Bikini Heaven Boracay Beach Party 2012 here and here.