DepEd Declares November 10 to 15 as the National Observance of Deaf Awareness Week

Department of Education (DepEd) on Wednesday, October 9, 2011 made a press release declaring November 10 to 15 as the national observance of Deaf Awareness Week.

Secretary of Education Armin Luistro said parents and teachers should be able to detect early on symptoms of deafness in children to map out timely intervention.

“The ultimate goal of DepEd’s [Department of Education] special education program is the integration of learners with special needs into the regular school system and eventually into the community,” said Luistro.
He added that hearing impairment is not only about not being able to hear but it also encompasses emotional problems in socialization and learning difficulty.

Luistro explained that the education of the hearing impaired should be tailored to their special needs and directed toward the development of their maximum potential to enable them to enjoy a meaningful and productive life.

The week-long focus on deaf awareness is in coordination with the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Colleges of Education (Special Education), Rehabilitation Sciences (Speech Language Pathology), and Tourism and Hospitality Management (Community Services).

The Deaf Awareness Week, moreover, aims to enhance significant public awareness on the prevention, early detection, intervention, rehabilitation, and education of people with hearing impairment.

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