Illuminating Conspiracy is Now Spreading! - Another Hoax Message/Mail

Just this morning, a new phone number sent me a not-so-good message that seemed to be a new hoax message that might spread like a wildfire once again.

The message says: 
4WARDED: Be alert!
Get ready! 'cause  D illuminating conspiracy is now spreading! US Pres. Barack Obama declares a law called NEW WORLD ORDER & it wil be approved this coming 2012. It states that all people must hav microchip or barcode and RFID chips in their right hand or forehead by surgical operation. That is 666, the NUMBER of D BEAST, d ANTICHRIST based on the Holy Bible in Rev. 13:18. Pass 2 All PEOPLE who serve Jesus Christ. DO NOT Let them mark u. And Let us kEp praying...
I  wasn't scared after reading the message because I know that lots of similar chain messages spreading over mobile phones and even in e-mail nowadays formulated by individuals or group of individuals for a common interest. Yes! A really big interest actually.

But hey! This can actually happen because God warned us through His holy word about the incoming Anti Christ that will appear in the last days. Revelation 13:7 ~ And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindred, and tongues, and nations.

What will happened if you have the marked of the 666


The bible says so clear that anyone who will accept the mark of 666 will be thrown in the Lake of Fire. You lost your own soul even if you accept Christ you will be thrown in hell with the Anti-Christ. This is what the bible say.

So be wise and do not be deceived. Satan is so wise, he is a great deceiver, he has been deceiving since from the beginning. His plans about the marking of 666 were already planned since before Christ was born. But thank GOD because it was revealed to us through his holy prophets and apostles. No one can stop the marking of 666 because it was mentioned in the bible.

What is RFID Microchip 666

This is the RFID (radio frequency identification) microchip, before it was used as a tracking device to track lost animals. Soon it will become the World’s unified ID system. This is designed to implant inside man’s right hand or forehead. It is so small ,just a slight bigger from a single rice grain. RFID will contain all your personal information including your thumb mark, bank detail, birth certificate and more.

It was already implemented from some establishments specially in Europe and some parts of US as replacement to passport.

Governments from the all nation will soon required all people to have this as a counter measure to prevent kidnapping as the microchip has a built in GPS that allows authorities to trace the kidnapped ones and to prevent terrorism. Everyone is under control and can be tracked via satellite orbitting around the world.

RFID Microchip is 666, a mark of the anti Christ


If you are a wise christian, you should be aware from all works of the devil either obvious or silent moves. If you are ignorant from the word of GOD, you will find this 666 stuff a waste of time and non sense.

Did you know that when you forward these"CHAIN" text messages you are making your service provider more money. Save the money you spend on forwarding these unreliable text messages for an emergency, you probably used up your last bit of credit or increased you mobile phone bill. I bet the phone companies are the ones who create these hoax text messages. Guys, if you do this you are just that a "TOSSER" go get laid instead. STOP SENDING this if happened to received this form of message, you are just scaring your friend or love ones if you do.

Photo Credit: The Canadian Sentinel

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