Try a SMART Pasaload on Facebook and Get P15 Free Load! - How To

It's a good thing to know tha Smart Communications have come up with a clever and hip way to make the whole exercise of passing on load to your fellow Smart subscribers. Yes, SMART aims to leverage this habit by introducing a SMART Facebook Application for their Pasaload and not just that, you ca also ask a load in that single application, and what more? Now, you can get P15 free load if you are a first time user.

There is no need to whip out your phone just to send load to your friends or ask load from them. You can do it straight from your Facebook account as easy as a few mouse clicks.

So how does it work? Visit SMART’s Pasaload App Page  here, then follow these easy steps:

1. Link your account to SMART's Pasaload App.(for first timer)
* Skip this step if you are a returning user.

2. Register your number by clicking the "You can now Pasaload from Facebook! Click here your SMART number!" (see photo above)
* A confirmation will be sent to your phone. Type this confirmation key on the textbox to ACTIVATE the mobile number. Once done, you can START using Smart Pasaload.
* If you are a returning user, your default number will be shown automatically.

3. Type the Smart Prepaid # or FB friend Name at the box.

4. Select the load amount or denomination you want to send.
* If you are using a prepaid number, make sure the mobile phone has sufficient load to pay for the chosen load denomination to be forwarded and the P1.00 transaction fee.
* Ex. P5.00 (Pasaload Amount) + P1.00 (Transaction Fee) =P6.00 (Available Load to be able to Pasaload)

5. Click on the Send Load Now button.
* For first timer, a P15 free load will be sent to your phone as a reward.

If you want to ask a load from your friend, just choose the amount to ask then click ASK LOAD NOW button. A small window will pop-up then type your additional message so friend will be convinced to give you a load. Click Ask Load Now! button and that's it!

Less hassle right? What you are waiting for? Do Pasaload now!

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  1. Great! I can now get and send smart load using my Facebook account. Good job smart! Thanks for sharing this. Cheers!