Moymoy Palaboy and Rhian Ramos - 'Super Bass' Cover Hits Youtube

Super Bass by Nicki Minaj, really a hit song recently in the Philippines. First, when Julie Ann San Jose made a cover on it and successfully hit YouTube that obtained over 5 million views up to this date and still counting (see link). This time, the popular duo Moymoy Palaboy uploaded their own cover of "Super Bass" with the collaboration of Kapuso Actress Rhian Ramos that surprisingly garnered over hundreds of  thousands of views as of this writing.

The Obeso brothers or popularly known as Moymoy Palaboy is a Filipino comic and singing duo known for their uploaded lip sync videos in YouTube. They have been popular since 2008 when their YouTube profile garnered over 5 million hits and they have more than 130,000 subscribers from all over the world. Most Mexicans, Americans and Filipinos gave positive remarks for the duo's uploaded videos.

Watch the YouTube video of their "Super Bass" Cover with Rhian Ramos below:

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