How Your Blogger Post Automatically Populate on Google Plus

Having a blog is great. Getting people to read your blog is even better. If you have a Facebook account, and are currently using WordPress, Blogger or a similar account, many ways to share your latest blog post automatically to notify your friends and followers on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Even the ability to make you Google Plus post automatically appear on your blogger account has been made with few simple steps. 

With the fast arising popularity of Google Plus, lots of speculations also came out if there are ways to make your blogger post automatically populate on Google Plus (not the +1 button feature). Here's the simple step to do it (applicable only using the new blogger interface):

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Settings
  2. Select "Posts and comments"
  3. Go to "Share to Google+ then, in the drop down menu, select "Yes"
  4. Finally, click "Save Settings" you are done!
Just make it sure that the Gmail account that you are using in logging in to your blog is similar to the account you are using in Google+.