How to Vote Ron Marvin Miranda in Mr. Manhunt International 2011

Mr. Manhunt International 2011 will be held in the 6th Floor, Seoul Millenium Hall, Central City, Korea on October 10, 2011. Ron Marvin Miranda is the Philippine's Representative to the said event.

Philippine's candidate Ron Marvin Miranda is a 27-year-old model aiming to become the first Filipino to bag the title of Manhunt International. He will compete against 52 gorgeous men from different countries worldwide.

And just like the recently concluded Miss Universe 2011, one contestant should have to secure a spot in the semifinals of Manhunt International this year by winning an online voting. As of this writing, Mr. Costa Rica is on the top spot with 2560 votes. Following him in the top 5 are Mr. Greece, Hawaii, Indonesia and India.

You can help Ron Marvin as many times as you can to secure the top spot by voting him. Click here to cast your vote. Select Philippines then choose  your desired number of votes with the corresponding amount to pay in $USD. Type the characters shown below on it then click the "vote" button. Voting will end on 9th October 2011, 1700 Hour (GMT +09:00).

To know the Terms and Conditions in voting your favorite candidate, check it below the partial result provided in the website.

Abdelmoumen El Maghraouy of Morroco from the North West Coast of Africa is the Manhunt International last keeper of the crown. As per record, closest the country has ever gotten the title was in 1997 when Vincent Pinto won second runner-up, and in the first edition of the male pageant in 1993 when Aaron Small won third runner-up.

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