Kazaky's "In The Middle" and "Love" Popular Music Video

Kazaky is an All-Male Ukrainian Dance Group with flexible body moves like no other. Known to be the male Pussycat Dolls who can sing and dance like they are!

Assembled by choreographer Oleh Zhezheľ, the group has released a couple songs which have garnered some popularity on YouTube. The video of their single "In the Middle" was made by Director Yevhen Tymokhin. “In the Middle”, garnered over 3 million views on Youtube. Their following music video, “Love”, garnered even greater attention, reaching over 4 million views. (Wikipidia)

Watch the "In the Middle" and "Love" popular music video below:

Trivia: The spelling Kazaky that the group started to use in English is a variation on the Ukrainian Козаки (Kozaky) and the Russian Казаки (Kazaki), both meaning "Cossacks."

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