Globe and Smart Offer Free 'Facebook for All' Java Application

In order to increase their mobile internet subscriber-base, Smart and Globe have both released a Java-based Application so that even cheaper (mostly Symbian S40) phones can now access Facebook conveniently.

Smart's FB Java app works on over 2,500 low-cost phone models (see list here).

To download it, just text FB to 211. You will get a confirmation SMS with the link to the download page.

The service is free until October 14, 2011. Smart did not indicate how much they will charge after that, but it’s possible that their PhP20 "FB-all-you-want" offering can be used here.

Globe also announced a similar Java app last week, August 9, 2011. To download their app, just text FB to 2910 to get the link.

You will need to use the MyGlobe Connect APN settings in order to use it for free (else you get charged the normal rates). The service is also free until October 31,

Update: In the recent Facebook Homepage before logging in, there is an add that helps you how to get the said Facebook Application. Try it now here.

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