5 Tips on Enjoying Life from Marian Rivera

After being announced as the Rank 2 in this year's FHM Philippines' Sexest Woman in the World (see link), prime time Queen Marian Rivera, one of the hottest star of the decade is now the cover of the July's issue of Women's Health magazine. 

In the said issue Marian talks everything about her love life, her fondness for eating, her passion in acting, and everything about her career. Being one of the busiest celebrity nowadays, Marian learned to enjoy every single pace of her career and every happenings of her life.

Here is the 5 Tips on Enjoying Life as being practiced by Marian Rivera:


There’s nothing wrong with doing the things you love, especially if they make you happy and inspire you to improve your quality of living. For example, Marian doesn’t scrimp when it comes to mealtimes, preferring not to diet because she believes she needs sustenance to get her through her hectic schedule. She’s a hearty eater who loves rice, and she’s not afraid to order extra servings! “Sana walang magagalit sa akin. Pero totoo talaga, kumakain ako ng dapat at ng gusto kong kainin (I hope no one gets angry, but it's true. I eat right, and I eat what I want),” she says.


In order to make sure you experience as much as you can in life, let go of your fears and push yourself to do things you might never have imagined yourself doing otherwise. Marian doesn’t allow complications to make her pass any opportunities by. Instead, she uses the challenges to keep learning and become better at her craft. She’s learned swimming and diving for Dyesebel, wushu for Darna, and now arnis for Amaya—all things she knew nothing about before training for her shows.


Getting stressed at work is natural, but if you love what you do, you decrease your chances of feeling burdened. Marian shares great advice she got from her father when it comes to this: “As long as nag-e-enjoy ka sa work at alam mong tama yung ginagawa mo, go ka lang. Pero pag nararamdaman mo na hindi ka na happy, stop na (As long as you're enjoying your work and you know what you're doing is right, just keep doing it. But as soon as you feel unhappy, stop)!” The advice is simple, but it works. The more you enjoy what you’re doing, the less it feels like work and the better you will be at it.


While having a support group is vital, learning to rely on yourself is also important. For example, Marian lives by herself and does her own housework, preferring to do everything herself rather than having a helper at home. “Feeling ko kasi, du’n ko nararanasan ’yung parang normal na tao. Kapag nasa taping ako, sobrang pina-pamper ako. So pagdating sa bahay, ’eto ’yung mundo ko! ’Eto ako! Ako, mag-mo-mop. Ako, mag-va-vacuum (I feel like I experience being a normal person at home. When I'm on set, they pamper me. At home, it's my world, and I get to be who I am. I mop. I vacuum).”


Marian says the key to the success of her relationship with Dingdong is the fact that they both go with the flow. They laugh about it when rumors abound that they’re getting married, knowing that only they can decide when they feel it’s the right time to settle down. “Kaya siguro kami magkasundo ni Dong kasi walang nag-iipitan, walang pressure na gusto ko ganitong date ha. Enjoy lang kami (I think Dingdong and I work because we don't pressure each other to have certain dates. We just enjoy ourselves). Go with the flow. Kung talagang kami, kami. Kung hindi, eh, kami pa rin (If we're meant to be together, we will be. If not, it's still going to be us)!”
Source: http://riveramarian.blogspot.com

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